Summer Camp

Each summer the Troop will head out for a week of camping and learning Scout skills.

During the summer of 2022 the Troop will be going to Camp Laramie Peak.

We will be attending camp the week of July 10th - July 16th. Block off your calendar now for this week of fun and adventure.

Learn more about Camp Laramie Peak and what programs you can participate in here:

Here is the sign up sheet for this summer:

There are multiple tabs: Sign Up, Merit Badges, Schedule, What to Bring Checklist

The merit badge tab lists all of the merit badges that are available. First year Scouts have an option to do a "First Year Scout Program". This is an opportunity for the new Scouts to make advancement towards Scout, Second Class and First Class ranks. They also have an opportunity within this program to work on Fingerprinting, Game design and Scouting Heritage merit badges.

Medical Forms

Here are the medical forms that you will need. Please pick the link for "going to summer camp". You need to have all three sections A, B and C filled out. Section C requires a signature from your physician and you should request a list of your vaccinations (they usually include it). When submitting these forms, you also need to included a copy of the front and back of your health insurance form.

We will continue to update this site with additional information.

Some images from 2020 Summer Camp at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch!

Setting up Camp

Doing Dishes



Hammock Time!