Scout Me In!! We would love for you to join us in scouting!  Please email us for more information.

Troop 377 has been active in the Boulder area for over 50 years.

We meet at  7077 Harvest Road Boulder, CO 80301

Our meetings are at 7 pm on Monday night at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Troop 377 is part of the Wapiti District in the Adventure West Council

Message to the Parents

Troop 377 offers scouts the opportunity to discover interests, develop skills for use in the outdoors as well as in school and life while having fun. This is not an easy task, and it is not the purpose of a Scoutmaster. It is a blend of talents both within the troop and the Scout’s parents or guardians. It takes involvement! Adults participate as “trained” leaders, drivers and good listeners. Leading by example and mentoring is key to our success. It is OUR Troop, and we are proud of its traditions.

Our scouts make the Troop what it is. But sometimes you, the parent or guardian, has to nudge them along. They, of course, have to want to go on each and every outing and with a push now and then they will participate. Otherwise, they just do what is minimal to gain advancement. Troop 377 has always been built on the strength of our Scout and adult support.

Our troop adults need to volunteer for everything, too! We like it when we have too many adults wanting to go on an outing. Sometimes the adults, on the outings equal the number of the Scouts. This is fine, as long as we give Scouts space to be with their Troop. Remember, we are always in the background, just a shadow, but close enough if needed for guidance and safety.

Adults, when assisting our scouts at a troop meeting, need to be in full Field uniform; that is, Scout shirt, pants/shorts, socks & belt. By doing this, we show leadership by example. When you are on an outing or Troop activity, wear your uniform or a scouting oriented T-shirt. Being half in is being half committed. It’s Give it your all, then watch your boy grow into a man while developing a multitude of ideas and experiences.

Whether you want to participate as a very active outdoor-type leader or help us keep our accounting straight, we have a place for you. Try attending the adult leaders meeting and get involved, we all need you!