Sea Base is our High Adventure destination in 2024, and we need to find out if we have enough interest to register for a High Adventure there or look for other opportunities.

Please fill out this interest survey. Below survey is our planning material from our trip in 2022 where we did a week of sailing!

Troop 377 Seabase 2020

This is the initial kickoff package that we went over at our kick off meeting.

Training to be completed before our trip!

Snorkeling BSA (will be reviewed as a group). Please read the first requirement about passing the BSA swim test as a "Swimmer". NOTE: Please plan on bringing your own mask and snorkel!

Snorkeling Hand Signals

Safe swim and safety afloat

Reef Etiquette (9 minutes long)

Reef Etiquette - YouTube

Guide to High Adventure Sailing (pdf - 9 pages)

Guide_to_High_Adventure_Sailing_Section.pdf (

Parts of a Sailboat (1 minute video)

Parts of a Boat - YouTube

Parts of a Rig (1 minute video)

Parts of the Rig - YouTube

Points of Sail (1 minute 30 second video)

Points of Sail - YouTube